Coaching Roles

One Goal

The goal of this module: To eliminate the number of coaches who do not understand their role and all of the tasks that are expected of them in their coaching position, taking the number from 75% to 0%.

Two Outcomes/ Objectives

At the end of this module, the learner will be able to: Understand their role within the athletic department, as well as their coaching staff.

At the end of this module, the learner will be able to: Understand all of their tasks as a coach and be able to complete them.

Two Instructional Strategies/ Materials

Instructional Strategy 1: Use a coaching video to discuss what is expected of the coaches at the school in each of their roles, in they would then follow up the video by answering questions specific to them to see if they have gained a better understanding of their role.

Instructional Strategy 2: Create appropriate tasks for each coach to complete, so that they can be successful with the proper work and also feel meaning completing their tasks.  Assistant coaches will keep head coaches accountable, by signing off that the task was completed by the head coach, and the head coach will sign off on the assistant coaches that tasks were complete.  An assistant athletic director will sign off for any coaches without assistants.

Plan for One Multimedia Product

Create a narrated PowerPoint discussing the tasks that each coach is responsible, explaining the task to them, what an effective completion of the task looks like, why the task was given to them, and what to do if they are having trouble completing the task.

Plan for One Assessment Product

Use a writing strategy to get feedback from the coaches.  During the middle of the year, as tasks are being completed, as for written reflections, explain how the task completion is going, what they have improved at, learned about, and what they still do not understand.  Then finally at the end of the year, have the coach write one last reflection on the year as a whole, explaining how they felt their tasks went for the year.


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PowerPoint:  Coaches Roles


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